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The Lost Ways Book Review – Is This Guide Beneficial To Survive Natural Calamities?

Welcome to The Lost Ways Book review. Natural calamities are uninvited, catastrophic and adverse events resulting from the natural processes of the Earth. Flood, droughts, earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions are some natural disasters that can cause massive loss of life and property.

Our great grandparents have survived such events without the availability of modern amenities like phones, electricity, refrigerator, electrical gadgets, cooking appliances, and many more. The availability of these modern amenities to the new generation has made life very convenient. No one is prepared to face the worst. The secrets followed by our ancestors to survive in such extreme conditions, sometimes even for months, have been long forgotten.

The Lost Ways Book Review – Survival Secrets Of Our Ancestors!

The Lost Ways Book is a guide for survival and it helps to improvise the way of living during a calamity. This book offers basic knowledge of surviving natural disasters. This book contains a vast collection of knowledge from various experts about the survival secrets of our ancestors which can be useful for the new generation. The basic life skills used by our ancestors can be acquired by reading The Lost Ways Guide. Let’s find out in detail from this The Lost Ways Book review.

The Lost Ways Book review

Book Title The Lost Ways Book
Language English
Author Claude Davis
Category Home Remedies
Price $37
Official Website Click Here

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Features of the Lost Ways Book

The Lost Ways Book features the basic survival skills used by our ancestors. It helps in understanding various methods used by them to survive during calamities when everything has been lost. People knowing proper survival skills can face disasters confidently. The secrets mentioned in the book are well researched and have a scientific backup. It helps a person to use their brains for survival.

According to The Lost Ways Book review, The Lost Ways Book by Claude Davis educates on basic life-saving things such as:

  • Housing: The first thing that gets affected during calamities is the house. This book explains the benefits of building underground houses which can be used as shelters during disasters. There are sketches available in the book which can help build houses with the available resources.
  • Food: The most important basic need for survival is food. This book features various the lost ways recipes made out of readily available ingredients. The author mainly focuses on the making of pemmican which is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein and is very nutritious. Hardtack biscuit was the survival food used by our ancestors and its recipe is also explained in the book.
  • Water: This book explains the easy way to collect, store, and filter water which can be used when required. The techniques described are very cost-effective.
  • Traps: Traps were made in olden days so that various animals can be trapped and when required their fur and meat can be sold for money. 
  • Poultices: It is a soft, moist mass made from natural ingredients like flour or herbs and is used as a medicament to heal pain, inflammation, cuts, and swelling. Being made from natural ingredients, it has no side-effects. 
  • Bullets: The book explains various techniques to preserve bullets so it can be brought to use when needed. 

Pros and Cons of The Lost Ways Book


  • The content of the book is easy and straightforward.
  • The methods are explained step-by-step making it easy to follow.
  • The tips provided in the book can be used in both daily routine lives and also during a disaster.
  • The raw materials and various ingredients described in the book are easily available and are not very costly.
  • The information provided is practical and helps to learn to live even without the modern types of equipment which may not be available during calamities.
  • As mentioned above in The Lost Ways Book reviews, the food recipes in the book can be included in daily diet as they are very nutritious and healthy.
  • If the instructions are followed properly, then it can help in saving money on food, water, and medicine bills.
  • The information provided in the book is tried and tested and have a scientific backup.
  • The Lost Ways book Pdf is available at a reasonable price.
  • A hard copy of the book is also available.
  • If not found to be effective, it comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.


  • The Lost Ways Book review states that the book is very detailed and hence requires a lot of time to read.
  • The book has no videos or audio and some may find it boring with only the written matter.
  • It requires time and energy to master the skills and thus, immediate The Lost Ways Book results are not achieved.
  • Some facts are difficult to understand in one read and hence, need to be read again.

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Main advantages of The Lost Ways Book

The Lost Ways eBook provides information in a detailed step-by-step format making it easy to implement. It helps in learning healthy and nutritious recipes, methods to build underground houses, affordable techniques to store water, techniques to trap animals so that their meat can be used as food, and various other easy and affordable techniques.

The use of various herbs and flour in making medicine to heal cuts and swellings is explained in detail in the book. The techniques explained in the book can be used in day to day life also. Reading and following the instructions thoroughly can help in surviving the disasters along with your loved ones.

About The Lost Ways Book Creator

The Lost Ways eBook is written by Claude Davis. He has 30 years of experience as a survival expert. He is extremely concerned about today’s generation who has become so much dependent on modern amenities and finds it difficult to survive without them. Hence, Claude David through his book has found a way to bring together the old and new generation.

He is also the head of the famous survival website, He believes in doing what he has written in the book. Claude Davis lives in a log cabin with his wife and two children. He cooks his food in an open flame outside his house. He always has stocks of homemade food. Davis is a firm believer that disaster can strike anytime and one should be well prepared to face it.

Why The Lost Ways Book is Useful?

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a step-by-step guide that explains survival methods during natural calamities. It is very easy and affordable. The methods explained can be used in daily routine life also. Due to modern inventions, the new generation does not use their brains and entirely depends on gadgets. The different recipes mentioned in the book are healthy, nutritious and can be preserved for a longer duration.

The gardening techniques help reaps a rich harvest. The medicines can be made from readily available natural ingredients and hence, have no side effects. The cheap technique of filtering and storing water can help in decreasing the daily water bill. The Lost Ways Pdf helps in making a person self-sufficient. It will help in the survival of the loved ones when the disaster strikes.

Is The Lost Ways Book Scam?

The Lost Ways Book by Claude Davis throws light on the various survival techniques used by our great ancestors during natural disasters. It is not necessary to wait for a disaster to occur to implement the techniques. The methods described can be easily implemented in our day to day lives also. The raw material required is easily available and is also affordable. The recipes described are very healthy and tasty and are a feast to our taste buds.

The Lost Ways guide helps in surviving under any circumstances. The author has so much confidence in his writing that he has given 60-days Money Back Guarantee if the program is not beneficial. This itself proves the authenticity of the eBook. The benefits are difficult to ignore and hence, the book is surely not a scam.

The Lost Ways Book Reviews

There are plenty of positive The Lost Ways book reviews. Many customers have tried the techniques mentioned in the book and were successful in implementing them. The wide range of techniques mentioned in the book will surely prove to be beneficial in surviving the natural calamities. Based on The Lost Ways Book review, the common sense and intelligence used by our ancestors have been presented systematically. It has explained in detail all the basic amenities required for survival right from soap, toothpaste, food, fuel, medicines, and many other survival things.

After thoroughly going through the book, it is found that the author has tried to bring together the old and new generation. The book requires thorough and patient reading which is very important to understand and implement the techniques. The money-saving and affordable methods are making the readers turn to this book. Many of them have also recommended the book to their family and friends. People are of the view that disasters come uninvited and without any prior warning and one should be well prepared to face them. The techniques if followed properly can help to survive for many days and in some cases many months also.

The Lost Ways Book reviews by the readers are convincing enough to go ahead and purchase the book. The author himself is confident in his writing and has tested all the techniques himself. He thus offers 60-day Money Back Guarantee if the book fails to help the reader.

The Lost Ways Book Price

The Lost Ways Book price is $37.00. After the payment, the lost ways book Pdf is sent on e-mail and can be downloaded. If the customer requires a hard-copy, an extra shipping charge of $8.99 has to be borne by the customer.

The Lost Ways Book Bonuses

The Lost Way Book by Claude Davis comes with some bonus guides which can be beneficial for the customer.

  • There is a guide to build a Can Rotation System. It is a step by step guide and helps in saving money in the long-term.
  • A guide about growing nutritious plants and their harvesting procedure.

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Based on The Lost Ways Book Reviews, we can come to various positive conclusions about the book. The information provided in the book is beneficial for everyone irrespective of age and gender. It is highly recommended and will help in keeping our lives safe regardless of a disaster or no disaster. It prepares an individual to face the worst situations with the basic resources available.

I’m a former scout and I’ve learned a lot of skills during my school days that helped me in different situations of my life. I learned those skills from “Scouting for Boys”, book written by Baden Powell. The lost ways book has a lot more useful techniques than the book I’ve mentioned.

The various recipes mentioned in the book are very nutritious. The pemmican and hardtack biscuits can be preserved for a long time. Our ancestors were extremely intelligent people and had the knowledge to use the available resources efficiently.

They knew to use natural ingredients to make medicines and ointments. It brings back the interesting secrets of our great ancestors to the new generation. Claude Davis has gone an extra mile and offered abundance of information making it the best survival guide online.

The Lost Ways 2 is the companion of the Lost Ways eBook and further elaborates on the survival techniques. It is a simple, affordable, and scientific guide that is easy to implement. It is a risk-free investment and comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Claude Davis himself follows all these techniques and implements them in his daily life. Hence, we can say that the procedures are well tested. Hence, this book is highly recommended for building a secure future.

Lost Ways Book FAQ’s

  • Is the Lost Ways Book free download available?

No, there is no free download available for this product. It is available for $37.00.

  • Are there any discounts available on the purchase of this book?

No, there are no discounts offered by the publisher. But, some bonuses come along with the book.

  • How to apply for bonuses?

There is no need to apply for the bonuses as they come automatically when the book is purchased.

  • Can we use the Lost Way Book recipes in our daily routine?

Yes, of course. The recipes mentioned in the book are very nutritious and healthy and can be consumed anytime.

  • Are the methods tried and tested?

Yes. The author himself follows the steps in his daily routine.

  • How can we get a hard copy of the book?

For getting a hard copy, shipping charges of $8.99 has to be paid by the customer.

Dr. William Carbary
Dr. William Carbary
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